The Difference Made

Our exit survey revealed

Of Clients achieved Safety

(3% were moved to another refuge after being found through digital media)

Felt Safer after receiving Support

No longer felt Isolated

Reported their Mental Health has Improved

Felt more Confident

Greater understanding of DVA & its impacts

Quality of Life had Improved

Improved Relationship with Children

Increased their understanding of Traumas has on them and their Children.

I felt supported, and loved our room which is bright and airy. I felt happy and knew I was safe. My daughter was frightened to leave my side when we went into refuge. Today, she is more confident and enjoyed her time in the creche. She has grown in leaps and bounds. In my own culture there is very little or no understanding of anxiety. The Refuge Mindful based learning course has helped me understand my anxiety and reach a place of peace and harmony

I'm alive!

The refuge gave myself and children the safety we needed and myself to gain confidence and able to move on.

I was a broken woman when I arrived. My time in refuge has transformed me, into a confident, strong woman. I owe a lot of thanks to this refuge.

When I entered the refuge I was so low in confidence, I didn't believe in myself. I thought the end of my marriage was the end of my life. All those feelings are gone now with the help from the refuge workers.

Being in refuge has given me the time to deal with the abuse I experienced, and build myself back up, its given me time to bond again and has made us a real family again but on our own. Mentally, I feel much more stable and I feel I have a voice again. I will never forget what the staff have done for me and will be forever grateful.

Thank you for helping me be me again


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