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Outreach Service

Not all women living with domestic violence or abuse are ready or able to leave their home to go into a Refuge. Our Outreach Service offers the same level of advice, information and support to women in the local area as is offered to the women staying in the Refuge.

Outreach Workers can help you with:

  • Finding a place in a Refuge – if you want
  • Housing issues
  • Benefits issues
  • Legal issues and going to see a solicitor
  • Going to Court
  • Children’s issues
  • Immigration issues

They can also arrange any support that might be needed from other agencies.
The Outreach team will explain the options available to you to help you resolve your situation in the way that you choose and offer you emotional support whether or not you decide to take any action.

You are Welcome!

We coordinate confidential drop-in sessions within the Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield area. Julie, our Outreach worker can help you at the drop-in, over the phone and face to face. We will also refer and connect you with the professional network of DVA specialists.

We understand it can be daunting to go into a room of strangers by yourself, but you will find yourself supported by the Outreach team and the other women in the group who had felt that way too.

The drop-in is a confidential group and many women come regularly because of the emotional support on offer – not only from the Outreach team but from the other women in the group as well.

At the drop-in you’ll be able to talk through your difficulties in confidence with an Outreach Worker. You won’t be pressured into making decisions, you’ll be given time to consider your options and support with whatever you decide. We are also able to help you with safety planning and exit strategy if you need to flee from harm.

We are also planning speakers and activities on topics suggested by the group. You will be encouraged to be part of a peer group in living a safer and happier life.
For more information. Call Julie Monday through Friday between 10am and 3pm on 01707 373743.

The Helpline

Local women can call the helpline at any time although it’s only staffed during office hours. Please leave a message at other times giving us your contact telephone number and suggesting a good time to call. We will always make sure it’s safe for you to talk to us when we call back. We will offer you as much information and support as possible by phone. We will offer you as much information and support as possible over the phone, or through digital conferencing if you wish.

To contact our Outreach Service call 01707 373743

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Some Outreach Services are provided by a grant from the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council